WOW: A Superbowl Weiner

If you watched the Super Bowl then you obviously had an ad favorite. If you haven’t seen this awesomeness already, check the Weiner Stampede and #MeetTheKetchups


Target: Anyone who knows of the Heinz or loves wiener dogs in hotdog costumes. By launching this campaign Heinz built out their brand informing consumers that they have a variety of ketchups, mustards and barbecue sauce. As a household brand, Heinz aimed to provide entertainment during the super bowl while showing things we love.

Insight: This ad was a home run (insert limited sports knowledge). Heinz went back to the style of ad that grabs your attention and gives it back to you in a show. This stereotypical American feel puts the product in your face and ends it with some old fashioned product placement. Literally, the Ketchup Family dressed as an assortment of ketchups.


Brand Idea/ Positioning: #MeetTheKetchups aligns with the family brand message that Heinz is trying to convey. Going back to its roots, Heinz is establishing that it is still the family brand you know and love. Heinz has successfully made the weiner dog in a hot dog suit an iconic image associated with this commercial and sequentially the brand.

Objective: According to the WashingtonPost, “Because hot dogs need Heinz like dachshunds need belly rubs”. This ad appeals to the masses with its cute and relatable feel. The weiners come bounding across the screen and you can’t help but smile. Viewers imagine their own dog in a hot dog costume and immediately feel a connection to the brand.


Strengths: Puppies are cute.  Puppies in costumes are even cuter. People like cute things. Weiner dogs bounding in an open field in hotdog costumes are quite the sight to see, and people love seeing something like this. A major success of this campaign was the live twitter feed that was blowing up with fans and followers posting a picture of their own dog in a hot dog costume.

Weaknesses: The in your face goofy product placement could deter viewers from having a positive view of the brand. The current trend in advertising is showing that less is more. Heinz laid it all out and wanted to show you exactly what they are offering. Another concern people had was whether the ad implied that the people were going to eat weiner dogs.


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