WOW: Are You Fast Enough?

Are you fast enough to win a pair of sneakers? Reebok’s out-of-home ad turns a traditional billboard into a competition. Pedestrians have a chance to run past the ad at a speed faster than 17 kph which is about 10 mph for a chance to will a pair of the zpump 2.0.

Target: Set in Stockholm Sweden, this ad targets passerby who are curious about the ad and who are courageous enough to break into a sprint in the middle of the busy walkway. By turning it into a competition against the billboard, Reebok can target the daring and brave.

Insight: No one wants to lose something as easy as sprinting for 5 seconds to win a pair of free shoes. The title of the campaign evokes the competitive nature of all humans, asking them if they are fast enough. No fit and active person wants to fall short of the mark, so by touching upon this playful competitive side, Reebok can entice and excite.


Brand Idea/ Positioning: The ad opens with the text “we were never created to run on treadmills,” meaning that Reebok wants athletes to get outside and get moving. When the runners receive their free pair of shoes they are delighted. Reebok wants to show that being competitive can be fun when there is something worth working towards.

Objective: To create an ad that people will talk about. To disrupt someone’s day and give them something they deserve. By creating something out of the box, Reebok is redefining their message and target. Since none of the winners were in athletic clothes because they were on the street, Reebok is empowering people by saying that anyone can wear Reeboks if they can run fast enough.


Strengths: If and when the passerby wins the free shoes, they automatically feel a strong brand affinity for Reebok because they were validated athletically and won a free pair of shoes. By creating such a disruptive ad, Reebok drew attention to the billboard which caused even more people to stop and watch.

Weaknesses: This ad only reached those in Stockholm or who viewed the ad online, which has a different affect. If a pedestrian was not able to run faster than 10 mph, then they may become discouraged and have a negative affinity towards the brand. Being even more of a critic, this ad could propose that Reeboks are only for athletic people who meet a certain standard. By only giving shoes to those who can run fast, Reebok is saying that those are the type of people they  want representing their brand.



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