WOW: Taco Bell is Tasty

Taking over the Internet currently is the quick 30 second Tasty or Buzzfeed videos featuring step by step directions on how to make delicious concoctions. They are addictive, fun to watch, and can make anyone believe they could be a pro chef. What the videos don’t feature are the epic fails that most likely ensue. Taco Bell launched three ads on Instagram showing that you could make breakfast (and royally mess up) or you could pay a $1 for the thing you just tried to whip up.

Target: Taco Bell launched it’s $1 breakfast menu in March with the hopes to make breakfast “a thing,” just as McDonalds has. This campaign is targeted at millennial and Taco Bell has done a great job tracking and owning the user experience from the moment they wake up. One of the ads was a sponsored post on my Instagram feed and I couldn’t help but watch as it started to play. I immediately realized it was a spoof on the popular video’s on Facebook and found myself very amused.


Insight: I was so drawn to the ad because I find the Tasty and Buzzfeed videos ridiculous in the sense that no one has the time or skill set to make the meals and snacks that the videos portray. Yes, they are fun to watch, but the execution of the recipe would never go as smoothly as seen in the videos. Taco Bell has tapped into this humor and shows what would actually happen. For all the non-chefs out there, simply paying $1 for something delicious seems like a much better and easier option.

Brand Idea/ Positioning: Taco Bell has always been hip and humorous with bold music and bright colors. By showing that the brand as a sense of humor and understands the struggles of trying to cook something, they further align themselves with their target audience. Taco Bell wants to own the breakfast moment and weave themselves into morning behaviors. By coming up with such a funny and simple ad, they have gained the respect and attention of viewers.

Objective: This ad is made to make you stop and think how illogical it is to try to concoct difficult recipes when in reality you can go to a store or restaurant and buy whatever you are trying to make. Taco Bell has effectively disrupted what people think of the fun food videos by poking fun at them and making a logical joke.


Strengths: With its quick and to the point message, the ad is simple and shows that the $1 breakfast menu just makes more sense than trying to make breakfast. The ad is featured on Instagram, tapping into that quick time that a user has in the morning as they scroll through their feed. The ad made me stop and have a laugh and even had me tagging friends to take a look.

Weaknesses: The idea itself is unoriginal and pokes fun at the viral videos. Consumers that respect and love the Tasty and Buzzfeed videos may find the joke off-putting and offensive. Also, by only being on Instagram and very hard to find, the ad only reaches a certain audience.

You can check out the ad here.



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