WOW: Sonic Chillin at Coachella

Sonic’s new #SquareShakes will be making their debut at Coachella, chillin down the crowds and making waves. The Creamery Shakes have been redesigned into a square shape, making them perfect for Instagram. They will be available for purchase and instant delivery at the music festival. The price? Simply post an Instagram of your shake.

Target: Festival goers, foodies, and people who like to take pictures of their food and post it on Instagram. By offering cold shakes at a hot festival for free essentially, Sonic can effectively capture the attention of all Instagram users based on their geo-fence overlaid that will be used. 

Insight: People love taking pictures of their food, so why not make the food into a design that fits the screen. By being the first brand to acknowledge this pop culture trend, Sonic proves it is ahead of the curve. People who attend Coachella want to be the first to try new things, so by introducing the fun square shakes, consumers will feel like innovators. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Sonic is known for its bright poppy colors and flavors and this combination of the both into a creative and innovative idea. Sonic is positioning themselves to be a trend setter and a force to be reckoned with. From their retro ads to now a Coachella sponsorship, Sonic is moving into a relevant creative space. 

Objective: To increase brand awareness and promote the Creamery Shakes on April 16th at Coachella. By targeting festival goers in a personal way, Sonic can increase their community on Instagram and give consumers something to talk about when they get home. People will be more likely to talk about their experience with Sonic when discussing the festival if they actually receive the product, rather than just seeing an ad. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.06.11 AM

Strengths: Sonic is disrupting the way we look at pictures of food on Instagram. They are the first food brand to make the pictures actually available for order and delivery. The campaign is generating buzz before the festival and will be peaking at the festival itself. By offering cool refreshing Shakes, Sonic will be meeting people’s needs on a basic level and this will make them more aware of the brand and it’s message. 

Weaknesses: There is a chance people won’t be interested in or aware of the Instagram posts at the festival itself. People will want to be living in the movement and not looking at their Instagram feed. The logistics of the delivery of the shakes isn’t explained yet, so the true test of the campaign will be if Sonic can deliver quality products day of that are going to look as good as the photos above. 


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