WOW: Always #LikeAGirl

Always’ new emoji bashing campaign will have you checking the gender of your emojis right now. Based off last year’s Unstoppable campaign, the #LikeAGirl ad highlights that there are very few emojis that actually feature girls doing things like biking, hiking, or being professional attire. You can check out the ad here

Target: Young girls who use emojis to express how they feel when communicating over text. By standing against something (emojis) and showing how stereotypical they can be, Always is targeting young girls who use emojis. They are informing them that the emojis don’t actually represent things they do, and if they want to join Always in taking a stance against them, they can.  

Insight: By criticizing something (emojis) that their target (young girls) uses so much, Always is capturing the young audience as they grow up and begin to use their feminine products. Taking a stance against something proves beneficial when Always provides the solution to the problem because they are confident enough in themselves as a company. The ad doesn’t feature or mention any products, rather shows that Always is there to question stereotypes and rewrite the rules. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Girls send over a billion emojis everyday, but the emojis don’t accurately represent them. Emojis actually stereotype girls. Always asks the world of girls what do you want to see? Users can use the #LikeAGirl to tell the world what they want to see in a new emoji. By using this call to action, Always shows that they are a relevant brand that instills confidence in young girls. 

Objective: Provide awareness to the fact that emojis for girls usually have the color pink in them and don’t feature girls doing the activities they normally partake in. At puberty, a girl’s confidence wavers and Always wants to be the brand to help them through it. Even though the ad doesn’t feature any products, Always still wants to make sure the girl knows how to be confident and know that she is capable of anything.


Strengths: The ad is sentimental and would make a girl or woman of any age remember a time of feeling young and confident. By discussing stereotypes that girls face, Always is taking a stance on what they support which is confidence and rewriting the rules. With the #LikeAGirl hashtag, followers and supporters of the campaign can engage with one another and continue the conversation.

Weaknesses: The ad felt a bit sappy and scripted from some of actresses. Just because Always is standing against emojis doesn’t mean that young girls will actually stop using emojis. While this isn’t the objective of the campaign, it shows that it is hard to take a stance against something that is so regularly used. 


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