WOW: Real Morning Report

Organic Valley wants you to Seize the Cray. Loaded with facts about a real morning, this ad give a fresh report on what really goes down. You can check out the ad here.

Target: American women between the ages of 25 to 54 who have full time jobs and who don’t have enough time in the morning to make complete nutritious breakfast. This campaign is for women who want to embrace the fact that their mornings are less than ideal and poke fun at the dream world mornings that are #blessed. 

Insight: Real working women don’t have time in the morning to actually do yoga in their underwear, journal in a journaling nook, or eating a farm fresh breakfast with a tiny charitable spoon. Currently, the media portrays women as having luxurious and unrealistic mornings. Organic Valley understands the typical morning and speaks to the craziness that actually occurs. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: When Organic Valley literally states that they understand the struggle of getting out the door in the morning, they make a real connection with the consumers. By presenting a real and logical product, Organic Valley positions themselves as the brand that gets you and your routine. 

Objective: To reveal what really goes on in the morning. By poking fun at the unrealistic actions, Organic Valley brings light to what all women struggle with which is to get ready in the morning, but also have a good breakfast. They used SoundView research to provide factual information in the ad that all women can relate to. The of this info would make any woman feel normal. 

Organic Valley Real Report

Strengths: The ad is hilarious. With its 7 second swearing section to its kombucha making, the ad pokes fun in all the right places. By making women feel normal, they are able to get them to listen more if they think Organic Valley understands them. The ad disrupts what we normally see in ads about mornings and tells it like it is. 

Weaknesses: With its abrasive tone, the ad might be a bit off-putting to women who actually have their mornings together. While this is a small percentage, those women who actually make their bed in the morning and feel #blessed may not find the ad funny and the brand message might be missed. 


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