WOW: Feeling Lucky?

The Minneapolis Lottery wants millennials to feel lucky and scratch their way to being millionaires. No cash? No problem. Periscope is launching a campaign to grow the player base by using a mobile app to win big. 

Target: Millennials In Minneapolis. These are the young, tech savvy potential players would never think to buy a scratcher when they gas up. These new players have probably bought a scratcher once or twice, but never gave much thought into doing it again, because well its inconvenient. 

Insight: Millennials today use their credit cards or apps to make purchases and hardly ever carry cash in their wallets. On top of that, when gassing up, most of them don’t have a need to go into the convenience store. In this fast paced world, it can be seen as a waste of time to go into a store for the sole purpose of buying a scratcher.  


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Millennials care about causes, but they don’t know that the Minnesota lottery provides funds that support the state. By focusing the brand message on the causes that the lottery supports, millennials will be more willing to spend that dollar or two on a scratcher, especially if it can be bought and played on their mobile device. 

Objective: To engage millennials on social media, and make the scratchers a convenient way to play the game.  By pushing the content on social media, the new players will be able to experience the thrill of winning (or losing) on their mobile device. By pushing everything to mobile, millennials won’t have to worry about having cash to play, which is one of the deterrents in the market currently.  


Strengths: If the agency can effectively use digital marketing techniques and social media interaction, they will be able to tap into a whole new market of players. Because these are new players, the Minnesota lottery will own their playing experience from start to finish, and build a lasting brand message.  

Weaknesses: By moving the game onto a mobile app, the physical feeling of scratching will be lost. This could be a downside, along with the promotion of gambling to youth. Most mobile app games do not involve real money, but this will however involve real money with the unlikely promise of winning big. While the amounts will be small, it could add up and the Minnesota lottery could be to blame. 


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