WOW: Away We Go

Carnival Cruise Line just launched a campaign showcasing a virtual reality tour of the cruise experience. They are the first to launch an experience like this in the travel category. Experience the tour here.

Target: Travel goers looking to book a trip on the Carnival Breeze. The 360 degree interactive video player also targets a younger demographic because the user would of course need to be able to view the virtual reality either on the content hub, Facebook or Google. 

Insight: People want to know exactly what they will be getting when they invest in a vacation experience. Rather than just seeing pictures or hearing about the Carnival Cruise Line experience, the Away We Go experience will entice and excite future cruisers. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: By being the first in the travel category to feature a virtual reality tour, Carnival is positioning themselves as being the trend setters in the vacation experience. The Away We Go experience shows exactly what to expect on a luxury cruise. In the past, conveying what a cruise would be like has been challenging as the market is crowded with promises

Objective: To showcase the feeling of going on a vacation with Carnival Cruise lines. The campaign will be live through the end of May, therefore hopefully boosting sales during the summer vacation months. By making the experience available via digital and mobile technology, Carnival can spark the interest of potential vacationers until they decide to purchase a trip. 


Strengths: By being the first to capture the virtual reality travel market, Carnival can set the standards of what is expected when it comes to this type of advertising. Because the 360 degree video experience is all inclusive and shows exactly what a trip will entail from ship to shore, Carnival can assure vacationers that their experience will be worth while. 

Weaknesses: Carnival will not be able to reach an older demographic of vacationers because they will most likely not have the ability to view the 360 video experience. Additionally, if the tour is meant to be viewed with something like the Google Cardboard, then not all users will have access to this type of device. 


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