WOW: Do You Speak Emoji?

Just in time for summer, Pepsi is rolling out its fresh new 5 second ads. The new Pepsimojis are the language of now and these ads will have you giggling for joy.

Target: Young millennials who want to express themselves without saying anything. In the fast paced digital era we live in, it is oftentimes easier to express yourself with an icon rather than typing something out. Because who has time for that?

Insight: Emojis are a trend that is here to stay. They are the language of now. The quick ads also feature fun and common activities. Pepsi worked with Google to come up with the top search terms for the summer, so Pepsi knows what you like and will show you how to tell your story using a Pepsimoji. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Emojis are universal and a form of self-expression. By breaking the language barrier, Pepsi is promoting itself as a progressive and global brand. While these ads may not be globally displayed, they will be able to connect with anyone in their target no matter what language they speak. The simple stories are cute and fun, true to the brand that celebrates self-expression. 

Objective: to be a fun fresh brand for the summer. By capitalizing on “snackable content” Pepsi is getting their message across quick. By using those Google searches, Pepsi already knows what you are interested in and they will hand-select the bites you see, making the ads feel relevant. In addition to the five second ads, Pepsi will also host a popup shop in NY featuring Pepsimoji themed events. 


Strengths: The ads are quick and un-skippable. Because the content will be viewed on TV and targeted digital ads, they are too fast to skip, meaning the viewer will have to watch the entire five seconds. Those five seconds however are a quick-hit. The playful brand message is universal and speaks to its audience.  

Weaknesses: The ads are fast. Maybe too fast? Since the plan is to roll them out on TV, the content might be lost if the viewer doesn’t even have time to realize that they are watching a Pepsi ad. Some of them seem to be more impactful than others. If Pepsi plans to roll out all 100, then they will all need to be relevant. 


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