WOW: How Long Do You Have to Live?

Are you making the most of every singe day of your life? Well, Reebok wants you to know that they are counting them down and encourages you to do the same. In the minute long film Reebok 25,915 Days a woman’s life is shown in reverse as it counts down the days left she has to live.

Target: While this ad features a woman, I believe that this ad targets all athletes and people looking to make the most of their day. As part of the Be More Human campaign, this spot is targeted to anyone looking to better him or herself. 

Insight: People worry they aren’t making the most of their time. Specifically, when it comes to working out and going that extra mile people find themselves lacking the motivation to get moving. If you however, realize that you are going to eventually die, it might move you to be more active. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: By showing the stages of the woman’s life, Reebok is literally showing that they will be there for you throughout your life. The video uses the phrase honor your body which taps into the spiritual nature of working out. It’s time to get moving with Reebok by your side. 

Objective: To relate to the average athlete. By showing the average number of days a person lives for, this taps into people’s own fears of how much longer they have left. By creating this motivating tension, Reebok simply wants you to make the most of the gays you have left. Working out can be uncomfortable, sometimes as uncomfortable as thinking about when you are going to die. 


Strengths: The ad is emotional and unique. It causes the viewers to stop and question what they are spending their time doing. The music in the spot is dramatic and motivating. The end of the video has an interactive feature that encourages viewers to check how many days they have left by using the  life-expectancy calculator. While this may seem creepy at first, who wouldn’t want to know?

Weaknesses: The ad made me uncomfortable at first because I, like most young adults, don’t like to think about the fact that I am going to die. While the tone of the ad is a bit morbid, dying is part of being human, which is what Reebok wants us to do, it to Be More Human. 


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