WOW: Rock the Vote, In-flight

Don’t know what to do on your next flight? Register to vote. Virgin America has partnered with Rock the Vote to encourage millennial to register to vote using the in-flight free wifi. 

Target: Millennials who have yet to register to vote in the upcoming election. Millennials are bored easily and have the desire to be stimulated at all times. What’s funner than registering to vote? Voicing your opinion. The thirty second spot highlights that it is our civic duty to weigh in on issues that are important, such as gay rights and gun control. 

Insight: By creating an environment that makes registering to vote easy, Virgin America is saying why not register? By catching millennials in an almost distraction free zone, Virgin has created an experience that no other airline offers.  What else are you going to do on a plane?


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Virgin America is a cool, forward thinking brand. After recently being acquired by Alaskan Airlines, Virgin is trying to stay relevant and true to the nature of its brand. With fun colors, hilarious safety videos and a cool ambiance, Virgin wants to share an informative PSA telling younger citizens to register. 

Objective: Get millennials to register to vote. We now make up the largest generation and usually have a lot to say. In 2012, only 46% of eligible millennials voted. In line with Rock the Vote as a brand, the campaign aims to empower young adults through pop culture. 


Strengths: Would I register to vote on a plane? Yes! Virgin is taking the monotonous task of voting and making it an experience. Millennials also love to share things, so they are bound to tell their friends. In partnering with Rock the Vote, Virgin can help that brand appeal to young voters in innovative ways. Because there are so many ways to reach millennials, this is just one more way of keeping it fresh. 

Weaknesses: While this campaign is fun and supportive of Rock the Vote, but end goal of getting young adults to register to vote does not apply to people who have already registered to vote. Something to ponder is how Virgin America is involving them in the political sector. By not directly stating it’s political beliefs, I guess it’s up to millennials to infer.


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