Agency Visit: 180LA

Who wouldn’t want to work at 180LA? With an idea location in Santa Monica, ocean views, and eye-catching work, 180LA is the real deal. Our first agency visit was a huge success and an entertaining experience. 180LA is an award winning international creative agency. With clients like Adidas, Pepsi, Asics, and PlayStation they operate like lean mean machine.


Here’s a pic of us in the conference room, pretending like this isn’t the coolest conference room we’ve ever seen.

Our session began with a presentation from Duco Miller on the history of the agency and it’s core competencies. “Whenever you get into trouble, keep going. Do a 180 degree turn. Turn the situation halfway round. Don’t look for the secure solution. Don’t pull back from the passion. Turn it on full force.” 180LA works to shift brand perspectives about thinking which will ultimately lead to buying. Driven by change, 180LA is heavily PR driven and does things that other agencies can’t. One of the main differentiators about 180LA is that they have the trust of their clients to just do things and hope they work. Backed by strategy, these ideas are the ones that have put 180LA on the map.


The most interesting piece of work that I think 180LA has produced recently was the Most Direct Recruitment Ad Ever. Aired at the 2015 Cannes award show, this clip is a :30 ad stating that they are looking for a Creative Director. The ad is hilarious, direct, and sneaky.  With a single shot of the Santa Monica pier and a deep intriguing voice over, 180LA is looking for a new Creative Director and they aren’t being shy about it. In addition to this ad, I also found the recruiting geotags hilarious and an essential part of the campaign. Very clever 180LA.


We ended the session with an exercise where we came up with briefs for common household items ranging from pencils to brick. Broke up into groups of four, each brief was worked on by every group. All the different line items such as objectives, key benefits, target, target insights were created by different groups. This hodgepodge of ideas led to some pretty funny stuff.

The biggest take away from this visit was one of the answers that was given my Mr. Miller. Agencies look for team players and smart thinkers. I should not be above any work. This humbling reminder puts things into perspective as I enter the workforce as a candidate looking for a job that many people also want. What can you do?


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