Agency Visit: Team One

I was so excited to visit Team One on a Wednesday afternoon. Why? Well because I didn’t have to go very far from my desk to meet the class in the lobby. Working at Team One all summer as their project management apprentice has given me the most valuable agency experience. Team One is a space of creative problem solvers aiming to launch the remarkable. With events and ideas like the Moonshot speaker series or the Global Affluent Tribe, Team One aims to change the way people live.


Chris Graves is the Chief Creative Officer and oversees all aspects of a brands storytelling. With a great spread of appetizers laid out, we happily listened to all that Chris had to say. Team One doesn’t make ads, they are in the business of influence. He related this to our Do Good projects, by reminding us that instead of just producing content, we need to shift mindsets and create movements. The key points Chris made regarding how to transition awareness into action was to make the idea simple, clear, and inspirational.


For our Do Good projects, I think defining the problem will be the first step in making our idea clear. Once we understand the problem, we can easier define the target. Graves emphasized the importance of empathy and understanding how to see something through your audiences’ eyes. Graves played us some highly entertaining examples of how brands nailed their targets. From Cheerios’ #HowToDad to Luv’s relate-ability to second time parents, these brands really landed the insights. My favorite clips we watched were about the awkward families watching HBO GO together, very relatable.


The biggest take away I got from this visit was the importance of having a key insight that is going to be a new and fresh observation on a conventional problem that will unlock creativity. I was happy the class was able to see what a cool space Team One is and how lucky we were to hear from Chris Graves.


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