WOW: A Vote For Good

What unites people better than dogs? Nothing. Showing that we are all human, Pedigree launched a social experiment titled “A Vote For Good.” The two minute recap sheds light on the fact that although America is divided by political parties, everyone loves dogs.  In the experiment, a Trump supporter brings a “lost dog” to a Clinton rally and attempts to find the owner. The same supporter then puts on a Clinton t-shirt and performs the experiment at a Trump rally. Pedigree makes life less ruff… get it?

Target: Anyone who is completely over the election and loves dogs. Over the past 6 months, our media channels have been overflowed with campaign news. The back and forth between parties has been comical at times, but overall annoying. This experiment appeals to anyone who is looking for something human in the political landscape. 

Insight:  This spot is part of the Pedigree “Feel the Good” campaign launched in 2015 that is based off the idea that dogs and people benefit each other. In this experiment, dogs unite people. Despite our political differences, dogs bring out the good in all of us, no matter who you are voting for. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: The Vote For Good experiment has created impactful content demonstrating the positive power of dogs in our lives. By making light of an otherwise serious landscape, Pedigree has shown how they can unite people with dogs. The “stunt” aspect of the piece leaves people surprised and gets raw reactions hat speak to the brand truth. 

Objective: As part of a larger campaign, this playful work can start a conversation about how dogs can help in the most unpredictable circumstances. Pedigree’s mission is to show the positive effects of being an animal owner can have on a person’s life. This experiment does just that and shows how opposing political sides come together and bond over their love of this dog. What a lucky dog. 


Strengths: This ad sheds light on the ridiculousness that has divided our nation. While both parties are valid, the media has created this extreme notion that Trump and Clinton supporters are fundamentally different. Pedigree is disagreeing with this and saying we are all still humans (who love dogs). People sometimes need to be reminded we have more in common with those around us than we expect. 

Weaknesses: The only weaknesses I can see about this campaign is it’s lack of other media and Pedigree’s decision to get into the political discussion. From my research, the content of this campaign only lives on the two minute content piece released by the company. Lastly, I think any brand should be cautious about joining the political conversation. 


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