WOW: Shoes from the Ocean

I want these shoes. Who wouldn’t want shoes made from the ocean? Whatever that means… Last summer Adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans to manufacture a shoe using innovative technology to create performance products using Parley Ocean Plastic. These products include a shoe and jerseys, which Real Madrid will be wearing at the Real Sporting de Gijon later in November. The shoes are cool and sustainable. 


Target: Adidas brand lovers. Adidas is only making 7,000 pairs of the shoes available as of now. This limited edition appeal will to brand lovers and non brand lovers. The shoes will be made mostly of recycled ocean plastic and styled like the ocean. People love the ocean. Also, you can’t just buy a pair, you have to participate in an Instagram contest #trendy

Insight: People want Limited Edition shit. Do you need another pair of trainers? No. Do you need these shoes though? Yes. The idea that the shoes are exclusive only to those who take part in an Instagram competition makes them elusive and cool. Grammers must submit a video that demonstrates their commitment to stop using single-use plastic items. Paired with a social challenge, these shoes are irresistible. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Being sustainable is cool. Oceans are cool. Adidas’ partnership with Parley Ocean Plastic makes it the first large shoe brand to make a desirable recycled product. Large companies in the past have done this, but no one has reached that cool factor yet. While the first release of shoes are limited edition, Adidas plans to scale up the recycled marine plastic debris and continue to make products with the partnership.

Objective: These shoes are inspired by the ocean and show Adidas’ commitment to sustainability. By setting new industry standards for materials and technologies, Adidas is innovating the sporting apparel industry. The shoes and jerseys are relevant. By also integrating the materials into a jersey material and supporting a major soccer tournament, Adidas is positioning themselves as the innovators for this type of material. 


Strengths: These shoes are more than just a product. They are the face of a campaign that addresses serious needs in our consumer manufacturing industry. Plastic waste is rampant and designers are now helping to raise awareness about the problem by creating products that people want, like these shoes. Adidas is not only selling a product but raising awareness about the environmental issue and asking people to take a stance. 

Weaknesses: All major manufacturing companies have faced conflict with the issue of sweat shop labor and worker conditions. While I think this campaign to raise awareness about our oceans is relevant and important, I think major brands like Adidas need to work towards getting a better reputation for their manufacturing practices. 


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