Agency Visit: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club, located in Marina Del Rey, CA, has a powerful “agency” composed of 9 employees. They hustle and make over 50 ads per year. This was one of my favorite visits because I learned the most. Dollar Shave Club revolutionized mens grooming by providing a cheaper substitute to traditional razors. Oh and they deliver. With no actual brick and mortar store, Dollar Shave Club provides top quality razors and now other products under five different brand umbrellas. Our session was lead by Raechelle Hoki, Director of the in house agency, Alec Browstein, VP of Creative, and Matt Knapp, Creative Director. I appreciated their willingness to answer even the toughest of questions.


I learn so many new things in the M-school. I am very appreciative of the hands-on experiences we get with each visit. At first, I thought an in house agency was just a super marketing department, but I learned that was not the case. It is a department that models what an agency does but with the added benefit of having the client sitting 10 ft away. Through our discussion of multiple questions, I began to see the benefit of this. You get client feedback almost immediately and the people who work in the agency know the brand well. While the benefits are obvious, I wondered if the agency ever got tired of producing ads for DSC. They don’t, which makes sense, because their interests aren’t in making pieces of art, but rather helping the sales of their company. I think at the core of every ad, however beautiful, should be the ability to sell something.


The office is beautiful and of course has an agency feel. The bathroom feels like one out of a luxury hotel lobby. Apart from learning more about what the in house agency does and how DSC operates, we also learned that they send out a monthly publication titled the “bathroom minutes” that gives tips and tricks on personal grooming. Alec told us that it is the third largest printed publication. While I have never heard or seen the magazine, I feel that DSC has the potential to serve more brand messaging and become a lifestyle brand. While I feel the brand has a lot of room for growth, terms like bathroom are not appealing to me. I enjoyed the amount of content that was presented on what DSC has done in the past. The brand voice feels true and authentic. The best advice all day came from Matt. He said to be a student of human nature. Looking forward to seeing what DSC will do in the future!



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