WOW: Dunkin’ Donuts

Have you every felt grumpy, groggy, or just not yourself in the morning? Well according to Dunkin’ Donuts latest ad, it’s because you haven’t had your morning cup of joe. In the latest :30 spot, Dunkin’ pokes fun at parents buy having kids describe what their parents are like before coffee in the morning. From one eyed people to 80 year old parents, you can check out the ad here


Target: Parents, coffee drinkers, and brand lovers alike. This spot touches on the human truth that we all have rough morning before coffee. This ad is for anyone who can get a good laugh out of some cute kids describing in great length how “ridiculous” their parents can be in the morning. 

Insight: You aren’t you if you if you don’t have your morning coffee, and your kids are there to point it out. Maybe you are in such a blur in the mornings you don’t even realize how you are acting. Coffee is the drug to make you feel normal again. Dunkin’ can supply this drug.. well at least they can supply coffee. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Dunkin’ Donuts is more than just a coffee brand. While it has rising popularity on the east coast, Dunkin’ Donuts has not yet become a household family brand on the west coast. By literally showing it in a household and as a brand for families, Dunkin’ is saying that is a brand for parents. Parents need all the help they can get and if Dunkin’ can be there for them in the mornings, then life can be a little easier.

Objective: “Your dunkin doesn’t make you you, but it helps.” The spot is simple and the message is clear. As the kids imitate their parents in the mornings, it brings a humorous light to the fact that we all feel shit if we don’t have coffee. Once you have coffee, you feel alive, excited, and ready to take on the world. Coffee = mornings. By owning the morning moment, Dunkin’ further positions itself as a household brand. 


Strengths: It’s funny, it’s cute, and it’s relatable. Kids are funny and more often than not, parents think their own kids are the funniest. The cute lines are sure to win over non parents as well. The simple brand message makes it clear that Dunkin’ wants to be your go to brand in the morning. While many ads these days depict unrealistic characters, this spot sheds light on the truth about your morning. 

Weaknesses: While I found this ad featured on Ad Age, I can’t really find any media relating to it. It leads me to believe that it while it’s a cute ad, it isn’t really award winning or inspiring. The message is clear, but it’s not really something I haven’t heard before. I would challenge Dunkin’ to go farther out there and be more vulnerable as a brand. 



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