Agency Visit: El Camp

For this visit, we went to camp, El Camp. This cozy co working space looks like something out of a magazine. With beautiful aesthetics and a warm environment, El Camp provides a fresh take on a creative work space. According to Eric Johnson, our session leader and the owner of El Camp, El Camp hosts an array of different marketing companies along with freelancers. What I thought was really cool about this space, was it’s ability to bring people from all different backgrounds together in on place so that they can collaborate on projects if necessary. From copywriters to art directors, the space encourages the creative juices to flow.


Our session began with a tour of the space. The beautiful wood walls and furniture gives the space a camp feel. Eric and his board of directors picked the theme because they felt most creative when in nature and away from the norm. Eric is our mentor for this project, so it was really nice to see the space he created. Eric has been really supportive of our creative process for this project and its evident from the space he has created. On the stage, Eric was accompanied by Michael. Michael has given numerous TED talk and is the expert on giving pitches.


Eric and Michael gave us a rapid fire presentation on how to give a presentation. I enjoyed this because it was a true refresher on how to give a really persuasive talk. The m-school always provides me with something I didn’t expect to learn. Coming from this session, our group was inspired to lead with an unexpected opening and follow the format of “tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and then remind them what you told them.” Like a play or a movie, audiences only remember the beginning or the end. Moving forward, our group is going to work hard on our pitch to make it memorable and be a really curated story of our journey through the do good projects.




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