WOW: Netflix Binge Candle

Do you have a lighter and six hours to kill? Well you are in luck! Netflix just released a binge candle which is meant to be burned while watching all 4 episodes of the new Gilmore Girls season. The candle literally burns scents that relate to each season of the year. Great work TBWA\Chiat\Day.

Target: Superfans of Gilmore Girls who are going to watch all 4 episodes (six hours) at once. As part of a give away, (still not sure how these are given away…) Netflix wants superfans to live, breathe, and now smell the sights and sounds of Gilmore Girls. 

Insight: You are going to be stoked if you receive a candle from Netflix relating to your favorite show. This surprise and delight element of the Gilmore Girls launch is an unexpected one. Who would have thought that a TV and Movie subscription service would send you a candle? Bottom line is that it is unexpected and people will love it. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: The candle is a part of a limited giveaway for fans of the series and they totally excited for this heightened experience. Netflix wants to own the moment. Not just by streaming the show, but also influencing your viewing experience. This isn’t the first time Netflix has done this: past examples have included its trick-or-treat repelling Halloween Doorbell and Netflix socks that pause your show if you fall asleep. Acting as more than a streaming service, Netflix is looking for more ways to get into your living room, in a good way. 

Objective: Netflix wants to make your Gilmore Girls’ viewing experience a memorable one. Maybe the candle even incentivizes people to keep watching. You don’t want to mess up the timing of the seasons, so might as well keep watching. Ultimately, I think Netflix just wants to do something different and experiential. 


Strengths: This idea of a binge candle has never been done before (as far as I know). It’s a novelty idea with the guarantee that you’ll use it while watching the show. Fans on Twitter are loving it! Because its a give away, aka free, people are happy to receive and use it, because why not. It takes the Netflix experience to a whole new level. 

Weaknesses: While fans may be excited to receive the candle, they will most likely toss it after it has burnt out. They may look at for a week in anticipation of the viewing, but when that candle is done so is the campaign. The scents of the candle probably don’t overpower the experience the show gives, meaning that in 6 months, people will remember the show, not the candle. 


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