WOW: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Ever received a box of chocolates around the holiday season and can’t really eat all 28 pieces? Well Godiva has the solution for you, the gift that keeps on giving. According to AdWeek, “it’s a kind of Russian nesting doll style box. When you open it, there are two boxes—one to keep, and one to give to someone else as a gift. When the second recipient opens his or her gift, there are two boxes in there, too—one to keep, and one to give. And so on.” You can check it out here


Target: Buyers or receivers of Godiva chocolates, aka chocolate fanatics. The popular gift around the holiday season has gotten stale (hint hint). Godiva mixes things up by providing layers upon layers of more gift boxes so you can regift in a more appropriate way. 

Insight: Sometimes when you receive a box of chocolates, you don’t really want to the whole thing. You may even feel like regifting it, but you also want to try whats inside. Happens to me all the time. Godiva knows that most of these holiday boxes are given as gifts, so why not spread the love. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Godiva as a brand represents giving. From the packaging to previously run ads, Godiva is all about gifting. As a large part of the business, Godiva saw a way to innovate the gift giving experience by making it more exciting for the holidays. The Godiva brand synonymous with generosity at the holidays and to make this even more clear, these special edition boxes will be given away by staffers to customers to further the message of generosity. In the future, Godiva hopes to bring the boxes back as actual products for sale. 

Objective: To actually encourage acts of generosity. Since the special edition boxes are given away for free, the idea is that they will be given as a gift. Once that gift is given, many more people will have interaction with the brand, furthering the message. This innovative way to gift chocolates means that more people are surprised and delighted.  


Strengths: I love Russian nesting dolls. They are exciting for no reason that I can think of. People, like me, find the idea that tiny gifts are stored in the packaging very exciting. The real strength of this campaign is that it is all word of mouth advertising, meaning that people who receive the multiple gifts will talk about it with the gift givers/receivers, causing Godiva to increase its brand affinity. 

Weaknesses: Because the special edition boxes are not for sale at this time and are only located at 20 stores, I can’t see this really taking off. Immediately when I saw this ad, I just thought it was a cleaver way to regift something, which can be seen as tacky. I think Godiva’s intentions to be seen as generous are pure, however the idea of regifting something can be seen as less than luxurious. 



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