WOW: Tinder Podcast

hey DTR? I mean down to define the relationship? That’s what Tinder is doing. It’s getting hitched with a podcast and people are loving it. Partnering with Gimlet Creative, Tinder is running an eight-week series with each episode focusing on a different dating-related topic. In the first episode below, the term “hey” is proclaimed to be the most popular first encounter through online dating, with the second being a GIF. Same thing.

Target: Podcast listeners who want to hear what other people have to say about online dating. Currently, users of Tinder and confined to the limits of their friend groups. Now, you can hear more stories that will make you feel like there is no hope for humanity!

Insight: According to AdWeek, “just as podcasting is up close and personal with people, so is dating.” By choosing a platform that is an opt in, Tinder can get people who want to actively listen to their brand message, rather than watching a TV program passively. Tinder, like all dating platforms, is a brand that was born in a digital age and lives on unconventional platforms, like podcasts.


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Podcasts are for hipsters and Tinder users. Nazanin Rafsanjani, creative director at Gimlet Media, said that making branded podcasts can be tricky because “no one’s gonna listen to it if it feels like an ad.” As an agency, Gimlet aims to find the right brand for the right platform. Tinder is a brand that brings people together and essentially creates stories. What better place to tell a story than a podcast. The series will feature users stories that will feel authentic while telling truths that are relevant to the brand. 

Objective: Create a safe space to share stories. The rules and norms of online dating are constantly changing, so what better way to get advice than from a complete stranger? On a serious note, people only talk about their trials and errors with close friends, however the experience of online dating is not unique.  According to the WSJ, “people are experiencing new challenges and naturally have questions that they may be hesitant to ask and new experiences that they want to share but might not have had the appropriate platform to—until now.”


Strengths: The podcast feels natural and relevant. According to Tinder CMO Ferrell McDonald, “we have a lot of interesting data and stories to tell, so it just really felt like a great opportunity for us.” Tinder obviously owns the user experience on the app, so they can promote the podcast as much as they like. McDonald also said “when you listen to a podcast, you’re really quite engaged, so as a marketer that’s attractive to me.”

Weaknesses: One major weakness of podcasts in general is that is is difficult to track listeners. Oftentimes there are promo codes given away by brands who sponsor a podcast and those can be tracked, but since Tinder isn’t really selling anything, it’s had to track engagement.  I feel that people who listen to podcasts hear about other podcasts, but if you don’t listen to them in the first place, you won’t hear about new ones. Tinder not only has to create the content but also find away to get new users onto the podcast platform.


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