WOW: Walk Her Walk

Have you seen the 4.2 second music video that OK Go released for it’s song “The One Moment”? Well you got to check it out. It features a slowed down perfectly timed explosion of colors to the tune of the song. What is the stuff that is exploiting you may ask? Well it’s salt. Specifically Morton brand salt. At the end of the video you see the classic Morton Salt logo with the tagline, “it only takes a moment to make a difference” which leads the viewer to the Morton Salt and “Walk Her Walk” charity initiative.

Target: This groovy pop video is for anyone who loves a perfectly timed music video. OK Go has always been known for releasing relevant and fun content, making the target of this ad the band’s followers. These followers might be into social causes like the one that this video promotes. 

Insight: Doing more is cool. The Walk Her Walk campaign was inspired by the iconic morton salt girl, showing that we can make a greater impact on the world around us. With this video as the launch, OK Go is saying that this one moment (no pun intended) is how they are going to push themselves to do more and make the most out of the 4.2 seconds. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Salt is cool…kinda. According to the brand website, “Morton is synonymous with salt, but now we stand for something bigger, bolder and brighter.” Morton is trying to position themselves as more than just a brand that sells salt, but one that can get behind a social cause. Another aspect of this campaign was the Morton Salt girl lens on snapchat. This was launched on giving Tuesday (November 28th), and drove traffic to the site and the cause. Very genius for a salt company. I bet other brands were salty!

Objective: To show, that like the Morton Salt Girl, the brand can do more and is unstoppable when it comes to making a positive influence on the world. According to the brand website “to step out, and step up. To give everyone the opportunity to become a force for good. Because if we want to make a real difference, it’s not enough to walk the walk, we want to walk HER walk—forward, fearless, and for the greater good.” This brand manifesto is perfectly aligned with OK Go’s look and feel, making the two a perfect pair. 


Strengths: The music video was unexpected and downright cool. It is so perfectly well timed, that it was hard to look away because you wanted to see more. I stumbled upon this “ad” when I actually watched the music video and then realized it was a partnership with Morton Salt. Because of it’s genuine cool factor and the ability to subtly influence, Morton Salt nailed the kickoff of their campaign. 

Weaknesses: The reach of a music video can only go so far. As far as I’ve seen, the only content that lives regarding the campaign is this video and the website. If Morton Salt wanted to do more branding, I feel as if they could have used their products and a segue to their social causes. Maybe people don’t buy salt that often.



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