WOW: Wendy’s gets hot

Sriracha, sriracha, sriracha. Wendy’s has gone nuts for sriracha. From Lexus cars to Pizz Hut crusts, sriracha has taken over brands one at a time. Wendy’s is in on the craze and you can check it out below. From online video to Wendy’s social channels you can see how the theory of sriracha in everything makes sense.

Target: Crazy sriracha fans. If you love the sauce, you are more than likely obsessed with it and not afraid to show it. The fast food chain already has a wide demographic of consumers, but they are increasing their reach to those crazy fans. Sriracha lovers want to try it in anything, so they will go to any length is make it apart of their daily consumption. Nuts right?

Insight: Sriracha is cool. Sriracha is red just like Wendy’s hair. Just kidding about that last one, but sriracha is seriously a cool brand with a crazy obsessive following. People are addicted to it. By partnering with sriracha, Wendy’s is stating to the world that they too are cool and relevant. 


Brand Idea/ Positioning: Sriracha in Wendy’s is for hardcore fans only. You must be fluent in the ways of sriracha to enjoy the experience. By creating these wacky ads, Wendy’s is staying relevant and saying they are a brand for everyone (if you are obsessed with sriracha) because sriracha can go in anything. From flavored fries, to cheese, to buns, these spots are goofy and true to the brand. 

Objective: Take a bold stance for something amazing. Sriracha has a cult like following. The people to eat it would get a tattoo (like in the video). According to Brandon Rhoten, Vp of advertising, media and digital at Wendy’s “we’re not trying to find somebody who has tried it and didn’t like it.” These provocative and sometimes annoying ads are there to be in your face and remind you that sriracha is meant to be in everything.


Strengths: These ads are in your face and red hot. The partnership between sriracha and Wendy’s seems natural. The sriracha takeover of the website and social channels continues the in your face messaging. As a larger part of the campaign, Wendy’s is working with BuzzFeed to create more content such as “staffers put sriracha on random food, articles and a quiz asking readers about foods that they’d be willing to try sriracha on” according to Buzzfeed. It’s a sriracha takeover. 

Weaknesses: It’s also annoying! I had a hard time viewing all the ads because its just the same word on repeat. To a hardcore sriracha fan, this might be appealing, but to me, a non-sriracha fan its ridiculous. I’m looking forward to seeing more content about the partnership that is more toned down. Sriracha, sriracha, sriracha…


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